ViceMayor Bebot says rezoning ordinance is suspended

Because God is angry with the wicked every day, "He ordaineth his arrows against the persecutors" (Ps. 7:13), and "shoots at them with an arrow; suddenly they shall be wounded" (Ps. 64:7).


Some say the MMVHOA can’t stop the “6.7B” Towers of Darkness, or for the MMVHOA to cower in fear of legal bullies .  Surely, you can’t kill a dragon with one arrow. But the MMVHOA has more arrows to shoot as needed.  The wicked and dark forces have no idea how powerful the truth can be.


Martin Luther King, Jr. said: “Before the victory’s won, some will be misunderstood and called bad names, dismissed as rabble rousers and agitators, but we shall overcome.”


The MMVHOA received yesterday June 27 a letter from Vice Mayor Jocelyn “Bebot” Rodriquez dated June 22 to MMVHOA President Arthur P. Aranas, the excerpts of which are:


1.   During the Committee Meetings of the Committee on Subdivision and Landed Estate on April 28,2023,  Committee Motion No.111-2023 was carried to hold in abeyance the approval of the application of Pueblo De Oro Development Corp’s PDSP of its Condominium Project: Masterson Mile North located in Barangay Carmen this City


2.       The Committee ruled for the temporary suspension of the implementation of City Ordinance No.14256-2022 until the Local Zoning Review Committee and City Zoning Board of Adjustment and Appeals (CZBAA) can submit their final recommendation.


In the end, the truth will prevail.  The wicked and evil will be vanquished.  The devious and deceitful will be crushed.  We shall overcome.