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Progress, kuno

(Progress, daw)


April 22, 2023


Dear Friends, Advocates of decency and believers in good corporate social responsibility:


The Morning Mist Village Homeowners Association, Inc (MMVHOA), with the support of the Federation of Uptown Villages Homeowners Association (FUVHOA, composed of 16 CDO Uptown Villages/Subdivisions) and the Concerned Parents, Teachers, Alumni and Communities (COPTAC) conducted a successful and peaceful indignation rally today, April 22 2023 in front of the Pueblo de Oro Development Corporation (PODC) office in Cagayan de Oro City to express the community’s disgust and outrage against the Masterson Mile Towers Project of PODC.


The peaceful indignation rally started at 9am, after the protest motorcade which started at 8am around the Uptown CDO areas, along Masterson Avenue, SM Uptown, Pueblo Business Park and Macapagal Drive.  The indignation rally ended with the MMVHOA delivering a CEASE-AND-DESIST Notice to PODC, to dramatize our vehement opposition to the PODC Towers of Darkness.


The Morning Mist Village (MMV) HOA opposes the construction of the Pueblo de Oro TOWERS OF DARKNESS (5 towers at 24-26 floors each). The MMVHOA sees this issue as more than just looming darkness upon the residents of MMV, as this WILL NEGATIVELY IMPACT ALL THE RESIDENTS OF UPTOWN CAGAYAN DE ORO, by aggravating the already horrendous traffic, drainage, water supply, peace and order concerns in the CDO Uptown area, among others. This is more than an issue of Easement of Light and View as guaranteed in Article 624 of the Civil Code and may even lead to the discovery of fraudulent actions by certain government entities tasked to protect public interest (see 53 shameful shameless seconds on YouTube : )


The MMVHOA opposition to the  PODC Towers of Darkness is not anti-progress. The MMVHOA is NOT against progress.   The MMVHOA believes that any “progress” must be preceded by establishment of infrastructure needed to support such “progress”, not railroad the “progress” then "bahala na si batman".   Problems in the uptown area like worsening traffic, drainage, flooding, water supply, etc must be addressed first before greedy corporations build more “progress” to pack in more people in an already congested area. 


PODC's proposal to build the Towers of DOOM highlights its complete disregard for the accompanying problems such “progress” will bring to the uptown area. In fact, PODC was UNABLE TO PRESENT any sensible traffic plan, drainage plan or any environmental mitigation plans during the March 24, 2023 public consultation at the Barangay Carmen Hall.   While PODC's Towers Project is in the present tense, their solutions to the environmental impact of the monster they are creating is in the future tense


The MMVHOA is never against development, in fact the residents of MMV decided to invest in the Uptown area way ahead of most people in the uptown area.  It must be noted that MMV is the FIRST subdivision project of Pueblo de Oro, and our residents invested life savings at MMV as we are believers in progress and development.   But development MUST BE RESPONSIBLE DEVELOPMENT, not deceitful, self-serving, Nazi-style rollout of projects. 


Progress is defined as moving forwards towards an end goal, or is making things better or more advanced or to advance or develop toward a better, more complete, or more modern state.


When PODC built their Bamboo Lane project, Westwoods project, etcetera the MMVHOA never questioned these "progress” or “developments".  But the TOWER OF DARKNESS is a different catastrophe in the making, aided by a city council rezoning ORDINANCE NO. 14256-2022 done with questionable haste, and with complete disregard of established laws.   These projects done under sinister circumstances are sugar coated as “progress” or "development" by spin doctors or trolls who exhibit gross disregard for good corporate responsibility.  


Progress is NOT just about irresponsible high-rise buildings. Progress should be taken in its totality, with minimal negative impact to the environment and with full respect of existing laws and good morals. 


Progress should not be synonymous with chaos.   Projects disguised as “progress” meant only to benefit corporations while jeopardizing surrounding communities is not progress at all, but a blatant display of corporate arrogance and greed.


To know more about the MMVHOA Opposition to the Towers of Darkness, visit


Let the Sun shine always at Morning Mist Village.




Arthur P. Aranas

President, MMVHOA


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