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You must have known already that one of the projects of your FUVHOAs is to create Barangay Masterson. But why?


Uptown CDO, particularly the sixteen (16) member-villages of the federation belong to four (4) barangays; Carmen, Balulang, Canitoan and Lumbia, Given its geographical location, hardly we feel government presence and services.


The barangay is the basic political unit of our government. Any projects for development for the well-being of its constituents start from the barangay. In brief, if and when we have a separate barangay, we ourselves can chart our own destiny.


A good example is the proliferation of high-rise buildings where we are not consulted.


We choose to reside here because of its location and promised amenities, While we are restricted to build only a two-storey residential houses, but around us is the sprouting of high-rise buildings that will soon cast shadow at our residences.


With progress goes with it the social problems which we are now experiencing, like heavy traffic due to lack of road networks, flooding due to inadequate drainage system, garbage collection which we handle ourselves, inadequate water system which is presently provided by Pueblo de Oro Development Corporation (PODC) from drilling which when not regulated will destroy our underground aquifer, peace and order situation in the absence of a police station, air and noise pollution, among others.


But as a barangay we will have our own funds, as provided by the Local Government Code and other related laws, and elect our barangay officials to work with other government officials, both local and national, to address these problems.


Your federation officers, together with the Presidents and/or authorized representatives of your village are now preparing the groundworks in this regard. One of the requirements is the petition to create Barangay Masterson, hence this briefer for us to appreciate the need to create a separate barangay.


You can sign the petition either manually attached to this briefer or digitally by visiting the following platforms and click the link:



Admittedly, to create Barangay Masterson is a journey, but as the saying goes, “every long journey always starts with the first step".