"Thank you, Thank You Atty Oca"

Nangutana pa ka kung naa bay height restrictions ang Masterson Avenue, Ikaw man diay daw nag “approve” sa rezoning according to PODC VP Chrysler Acebu:


PODC VP Chrysler Acebu, talking to ex-Mayor Oscar Moreno: “ we are already at level 3, commercial. Meaning we can go as high as , higher than what we used to… as a matter of fact, during your watch Atty Oca, sir, you approved our application for this reclassification of our commercial or business park for Level 3, para higher in terms of floor area  ratio, and also we were approved by CAAP to go as high as 95 meters, so that is more or less 30 to 31 storeys… taas pa, so thank you, thank you”.


Overtime with Oca Moreno: Outlook on the Real Estate Industry in NorthMin: A Discussion with Chrysler Acebu. The full video of Moreno’s talk with Pueblo de Oro is found here: https://www.facebook.com/OVERTIMEWITHOCAMORENO/videos/690928422744213